Bailey has come on leaps and bounds in the short time he has been here,

proving that dogs really do only need walks, food, routine and love.

Now that he is in a routine, his anxiety levels have almost disappeared, he now chills in the evening and loves coming for cuddles and loves nothing more than trying to lick you and get as close as he possibly can to you.

He now also sleeps through the night with little/no squeaking.

Out on walks he is brilliant and loves nothing more than chasing sticks and balls. Meeting other dogs he is very passive and will come back to you to seek reassurance.

On the lead he still pulls like a train when allowed, but in the short time he has been here, a little training has been successful and more will ensure he learns not to pull, quite quickly.

We now think that he would be ok living with another dog that he could learn to play and cuddle up to, he is already getting comfortable with our dogs and will lay in the sofa with them.

Dog savy younger children would be ok as he seems not to have any food aggression. When playing with balls and toys, we have been swapping out rather than just trying to take the one he has got. He responds well to this and is learning how much fun toys can be, without needing to guard them against being taken away. We think that he hasn’t had many toys of his own and didn’t want to share before.

He will randomly bark at sounds and definitely when a door bell goes.

He is a stunning dog, full of personality and love and will make a loyal, happy family pet.


Here comes Bailey Boo Boo!

This gorgeous live wire is 2 years old. He is lab x spaniel and is very energetic and highly strung. He is a velcro dog: he wants to be stuck to his human as much as possible and craves human attention, although he doesn’t have separation anxiety. He loves to play ball and will drop on command and swap out for another ball to be thrown.

We moved Bailey into foster for further assessment because the home he went to claimed he was possessive over toys and they were scared of him. He is in foster with two other labs and hasnt displayed any of these behaviours so we feel that it was inexperience that led to them making assumptions, as well as not giving him time to settle.

He is strong on the lead but walks fine on a halti. General obedience is fine but no doubt he would soak up additional training. He is submissive with other dogs and may be unsettled in a home with dogs that are particularly bossy. His recall appears to be solid.

We think that he would suit an active family with children 10+ or child free, where someone is around most of the time. He isn’t particularly dog orientated so a calm and steady dog would be fine for him, as long as they can accept his need for human attention.

Bailey has never seen a cat. He needs to restart vacs, neutering, worm and flea treating, which LiN will cover the cost of. He is currently in Chesterfield, and his minimum adoption donation is £170, payable by the time he arrives with his new family. Anyone wanting a meet and greet this weekend, it may be possible to arrange.

Bailey is not a first dog. You need to understand that he needs a routine as well as physical and mental stimulation. In return, you will have the most loyal companion you could wish for.