Kimberley is one of Labradors In Need’s extremely valuable area coordinator. This young lady has earned a mention in our Barking Up The Right Tree Blog. Nothing is too much for her, or nowhere is too far for her to travel. She will drop everything immediately to help a Lab in need.

Frequently , (with her very helpful Dad or partner), they have travelled for miles, up to 7 – 8 hour round trips for get dogs into rescue, or take them to their forever homes.

She also arranges venues for Fun Days/Dog Shows, organises the stalls, runs them with her family, bringing in much needed funds.

She has a heart of gold and a family to match.

We asked Kimberley why she helps Labradors In Need to which she replied:

“I volunteer for LIN because of how the charity goes above & beyond. To ensure each Labrador gets re-homed into the home that they deserve.

A big part of why I volunteer and do so much for LIN, is because of Rascal. If it wasn’t for Lily and her puppies (who came into the safe arms of LIN a few months back), I wouldn’t have known about Labradors In Need.

I saw the hard work and effort that went into ensuring that Lily and her pups were safe, and for that I can never thank the charity enough.

So the reason I what I do, is because I love to take part in the journey that provides each Labrador their happy ending x”