Bella 2yrs old


Bella was rehomed by LiN 18 months ago but unfortunately has to come back in to us after a disagreement (resulting in vet care) with another dog in the house.

It is essential that she is placed in a totally pet free home, no cats, dogs or critters! She is great with humans but can be unpredictable with animals. Older children are fine, but no little ones please.

She is spayed, vaccs up to date and chipped.

With humans she is totally dedicated and loves human attention. She walks well with a halti and with a ball her recall is excellent. However if off lead she must be kept away from other dogs as a preventative measure. She loves her cuddles and is not destructive in the home. Her favourite game is ball and will keep you entertained for hours.

Its important that you understand that she has also been reactive to the occasional dog out of the home (although no damage done), so care must be taken when walking her to ensure she isn’t allowed to get into a situation.

We believe Bella deserves another chance in a pet free home, could you be the family she needs?