Buddy Bear!

This cuddly giant is a 4 year old lab cross (retriever? Newfie?) who just absolutely loves people. He is calm and affectionate, knows his commands and is eager to please. He has been neutered but will need to restart his vaccinations, which LiN will cover the cost of.

Unfortunately, Buddy isn’t cat friendly and does have issues with the resident westie but not the jrt. We are looking for a home where he will be the only dog. Although he wasn’t seen around kids, the owner has grandchildren and vouches that he is perfect with children. Due to his size, probably older ones will be better.

He’s very much loved and over indulged, but does need a good groom. He likes to eat the post but not the post person, pulls a bit on a walk and is strong but that can be resolved with a suitable walking aid.

He’s in Cardiff so if you are able to travel that would be great.

A perfect accompaniment for these cold winter months to snuggle up with 😍