Buster is 2 years old on 12th December. Although he hasn’t had his vaccinations done since a puppy, he is a healthy dog. He was wormed and flea treated 6 weeks ago. He hasn’t been neutered but LiN will cover the cost of this and his vaccinations.

Although initially nervous, Buster quickly makes friends with anyone holding a ball so he is probably just timid by nature (even labs can be!) He does bark at people walking past the house so this is something that will need to be considered and worked with. Despite being a bit nervous, Buster just adores human puppies to the extent that a home with younger children may suit him best (especially if they can throw the ball for him). It’s sad that the youngest child is severely allergic and Buster can no longer interact with the other children properly.

Buster is currently fed on frozen raw and veg, three times a day. He is happy to be left for a few hours when needed and isn’t destructive. On lead, he pulls a little to start with but walks nicely and his general obedience is good. He is nervous with other dogs but has previously lived with one, so with proper introductions and the right pairing he could also join a family with a resident dog.

His minimum adoption donation will be £200. He’s in the North West. His current family would like him settled with a new family ASAP so if you are able to help with transport, please mention this in the comments. Thank you