I have been lucky enough to give a new home to two Labradors through Labradors in Need (LIN).

LIN is a foster based charity which covers the whole of the UK who organised a home check for me shortly after I applied via their website and once I passed that, I was contacted by one of their Trustees to discuss the dogs that they had available.  They suggested that a lovely 2 year old fox red boy called Caz would suit me so I took my 9 year old black Lab Harry along to meet him.  The meeting went well so I went back the following week to bring him home.

I had a little trepidation about the journey a,s although I’d been told that he travelled well, it was over 3 hours back to my house but I needn’t have worried!  He cried a couple of times in the first 10 minutes then settled down and I heard nothing more from him for the rest of the journey.

I re-introduced him and Harry in the garden before taking them on a walk and there was a lot of playing and chasing each other!  Caspar (as I’d renamed him) had previously only been walked once or twice a week in his original home so on the first walk he tried to chew his lead in excitement and pulled a lot – veering from side to side up the road!  I decided to start as I meant to go on and when I went to feed my horse later that evening, I left him and Harry in the utility room and was absolutely delighted to get home and find that he’d been very relaxed and not chewed anything!  He and Harry then spent the rest of the evening playing and really getting to know each other.  He did cry a couple of times the first night but soon settled and after that first night I didn’t hear anything from him till the morning.

He soon settled into his new routine and it wasn’t long before I was happy to let him enjoy off lead walks knowing he’d come back when called – I live very close to the river and he soon proved to be a typical Lab by going in the water at every available opportunity.  He’d also had very little socialisation in his original home and would bark at any new people or dogs he met but I have a very good dog school near me so took him to classes and within a few weeks the difference in his behaviour was immense premarin pills.  We still go training every week and he now enjoys doing gundog work, agility and flyball.

I kept in close contact with LIN via their Facebook groups and had carried out some local home checks and helped with transporting dogs to their new homes so when I sadly lost Harry to cancer in April, I once more turned to them for a new companion to Caspar.

In May I was paired up with a gorgeous 8 month black Lab called Billy who had come into rescue when his elderly owner had to go into a Care Home.  Again he was quite a long way from me so this time I met one of the Trustees in the Waitrose car park in Lincoln to collect him and was lucky for a second time as he travelled without a peep.  He was introduced to Caspar in the garden – Caspar is very laid back so I think he was a bit bemused at the livewire who arrived in his life!  They spent most of the evening playing though with Caspar just telling Billy off a couple of times when he got too exuberant and Billy soon learnt to back off so they get on really well now.

Billy is a typical young Lab who finds everything an adventure but he’s been so good – he’s not chewed anything and is happy being left with Caspar or on his own.  I take him to training classes too and he learns very quickly and loves the interaction with other dogs.  Both boys have brought so much joy into my life and I can’t imagine life without them.

LIN do a fantastic job and really take the time to match prospective owners with the right dog.  When you get a dog from them it is initially on a “Foster with a view to adopt” contract to ensure that the dog and owner are a good match and then after about four weeks you move on to formal adoption.   Throughout the whole process there are plenty of folk around to offer any advice needed.  I really can’t thank them enough for trusting me with Billy and Caspar.

As written by Nicola Peck