Who fancies some hot chocolate? Doesn’t come more scrummy than this!
Charlie has his own chocolate factory! (OK, so he doesn’t but he has a brother called Cadbury)

Charlie is 6 and Cadbury is 3. They are like Twix and so need to stay together. Both are vaccinated but Cadbury still has his dangly bits. They can be left as long as they are together but, in true lab style, bins are targeted if Charlie is left alone.

Both are friendly towards other dogs and have good general obedience, although when playing with other dogs they do have selective hearing.

They are boisterous, excitable boys who would be better suited where children are older. LiN will cover the cost of Cadbury’s two chocolate eggs removal haha.

They are in the Normanton area (WF post code) and help with transport, as usual, would be appreciated.