Cheddar is currently in foster with us in Derbyshire. He is more than ready to find his forever home. This is what his foster family have said about him:

“Meet Cheddar, an 18 month male Labrador whose DNA profile probably has the energiser bunny with Redbull running through his veins.

He is going to need an active family, he is currently being walked twice a day for an hour at a time and would still happily keep going.

Cheddar came from a loving home and you can see this in his mannerisms and recall. He has basic training and great recall when no distractions, but if you have another dog in the distance, he is a bit hit and miss.

At the moment he is living with two other Labs, and whilst everything is good, if you start fussing or playing with one of the others he gets over excited, barky and a bit mouthy. It’s just over excitement but could be overwhelming for another dog.

Out on walks he is a pleasure, he will pull like a train if not on a figure of 8/Halti lead again just needs work.

Off lead he is good fun, loves to chase a stick but will jump up, and at the moment whilst it is muddy out you are going to need shares in washing powder company.

When he meets other dogs off the lead he is very bouncy round them, and if an un-neutered female, he has been know to “introduce” himself even though he doesn’t have the equipment.

Left alone he will chew what he can find, I think this is left over from his previous life, as he matures and he has a well walked routine he should realise that he doesn’t need to do this for attention.

He loves to play “what’s Cheddar got” with socks, pants, bras, infact anything he can find in a wash basket.

A lot of this may sound over whelming, however Cheddar once in a good routine, plenty of walks will be such a loving handsome and loyal dog.

I personally think he would be better initially as an only dog in a family, but wouldn’t be adverse to a friend later.”

Cheddar’s minimum adoption donation is £200, payable upon arriving with his new family.