***Cleo, Elsa & Ebony***

Cleo, chocolate 2yrs old
Elsa, fox red 3yrs old
Ebony, black 4yrs old

Say hello to the beautiful trio!
These are super girls who through no fault of their own have found themselves having to be rehomed.

Chocolate Cleo is a beautiful girl who is dog, cat and child friendly. She has basic commands in place but will benefit from a family willing to put in the time and effort with her. She can be a little timid of men sometimes but will warm to them in her own time. She pulls on the lead but this can be corrected with regular walks and the right lead / halti.
She will need spaying under vet guidance, which will be funded by LiN.

Fox Red Elsa is such a friendly girl who loves human company and will do anything for a lap cuddle. Like Cleo she also has her basic commands in place but has room for improvement! She does pull on the lead but is manageable. She is cat, dog and child friendly but will have a little grumble if the others finish their food before her and try and take hers!
Elsa will need spaying under vet guidance, which will be funded by LiN.

Beautiful Black Ebony is a cheeky clever girl who loves to look after Elsa. Cat, dog and child friendly, she also needs a little help with her obedience. She is very quick to learn though. Again Ebony does pull on the lead, but is manageable.
She can be a little wary of men but is fine once she knows that she can trust them.
Ebony will need spaying under vet guidance, which will be funded by LiN.

Ideally we would love to rehome these beautiful girls together, however after consultation with their owner we know that this may not be possible. We would also like to rehome them where they have company for most of the day, being left 3-4hrs max.

Elsa and Ebony are bonded and MUST be rehomed together. Cleo can be rehomed away from the others, but does need to go to a family with another dog.

Please express interest if you are able to rehome all 3 together or Ebony and Elsa together only.

We need to rehome the girls urgently and have a goal post of this weekend, preferably Saturday 24th evening. You must be willing to travel to the East Midlands, or at least towards the Midlands, to collect the girls