Eric was the second dog that LIN took under its special care back in 2013, and what a special boy he’s turned out to be in more ways than one.

You see, I fell in love with Eric the moment I set eyes on him. A Fox red beauty, who immediately brought me his lead to go for a walk when I went to assess him. But, when setting up LIN, I had promised my husband that I would only emergency foster, so I quickly placed him with a foster family the following day.

He went to Luke and his partner much to my sadness. Even my chocolate lab Keano loved him. I settled him in with his foster family and walked away.

Now here the fun starts. You see Luke was and still is (I’m sure he will agree) a soft touch with Eric, who was called Marley at this time. Eric suffered with separation anxiety. So, when left alone, he experienced a few issues such as weeing on human beds, opening doors, counter surfing. You name it he tried it. He even escaped once and was found eating pukka pies at the local chip shop. I remember meeting him at the vets to see how he was doing and having a chat with Luke. After the vet visit, Luke was putting him in the boot, and by the time he had got to the driver’s seat, there was Eric sat waiting for the keys to drive off. It became quickly apparent that Eric needed more routine and a more experienced home.

I asked Kathryn if she would foster for us and she agreed straight away, so I collected him and took him to her house. Unfortunately, her own dog had become extremely poorly and he was unable to stay. So, he came back to my house where my husband stated its only temporary. Kathryn lost her beloved Max the very next day RIP Max your still in our thoughts.

Eric demand barked which is the worst thing he could have done to try and win affection, and the first night I had to sleep in the spare room with him in a single bed. His separation anxiety meant that no doors could be closed. Luckily we are open plan, so the only time he was left was at night time. Which resulted in him drooling and weeing. But I noticed he seemed happy to lay in Keano’s crate, so the crate training started. He has learned to love his crate, and I never have to lock it because he is a happy and content boy.

So here starts the story of Eric worming his way into Darren’s affections. Firstly, may I say that I knew as soon as I got him back he was going to stay.

How did he win Dad over? Well it wasn’t the time he nearly took his legs from under him running with a huge branch. Or the time he piddled on our brand-new mattress and me having to pretend the wet was because we had left the loft window open and it had rained. Or even the time he stole a full cooked chicken out the fridge and sat licking it slowly in the garden.

What won him over was that he made me happy. Darren’s moto is happy wife happy life and Eric made me laugh so much with his antics and still does. The time I was walking him and a lady had got off her mobility scooter to clean her dogs poo up, so he jumped on. The time he sat in a total stranger’s boot for them to take him for a ride as they were getting the shopping out. He got out once when a customer had left the side gate open and we found him in the beer garden at the local pub getting fed crisps. His snorkelling, which when we watch, we are like proud parents when people say “wow, how long does he hold his breath?” The not so proud parents when he pops up from the water with a pair of knickers in his mouth. And his latest fad, his arm chair that we have had to get back out, because he complained that much when we put them away for the winter.

He has brought so much laughter to our home and Keano loves him so much. Some would say he’s a naughty dog. We just say he’s ERIC.