Evan arrived at Labradors in Need after being handed into the local dog warden as a stray.  They contacted LIN because he wasn’t coping at all with life in a kennel.

They suspected he was visually impaired as he had damaged his face on the walls and fencing, and was struggling with the noises.We quickly removed him from kennels, and placed the scared boy with his foster daddy Dave.

After many trips to the vets it was confirmed he was not visually impaired, but totally blind. Evan’s foster Daddy Dave, and one of the Trustees of LIN began working on building his confidence and socialising him with other dogs.

Then one day a special family contacted us and this happened:

One night a beautiful Fox Red Lab appeared on our news feed from Labradors in Need. On further reading we established he was blind and needed a home, we instantly fell in love. We contacted the charity, arranged our home check and once approved arranged to meet Evan. We drove from Cheshire to Hull with Alfie and were greeted by one of the lovely trustees Toni. Evan soon appeared barking as loud as he could, trying to figure out what was happening.

We then went into the garden of his foster dad’s home and let Evan and Alfie play together. They instantly got on, running around, chasing after toys and each other. We had the opportunity to chat to Dave who had been fostering him and Toni, this was crucial for us in learning about what Evan really needed. That day all of us fell more in love with Evan, and knew he would be a perfect part of our family, we informed Toni that we wanted to proceed with the adoption.

So in August 2015 Evan joined our family, we have never since looked back. Our initial fears that having a blind dog would be so difficult were soon quashed…Evan settled quickly into our home and struck up an instant bond with Alfie who wears a bell to help Evan find him. Alfie took up the role of Evan’s guide dog very quickly and is patient, loving and protective over him.

Being blind hasn’t stopped Evan in anyway, he can find his way up the stairs, play fetch, go for walks and even go off lead. He has learnt to swim, do tricks and most importantly trust us.

He likes to sit on top of your feet to make sure you are close and he loves having his tummy tickled. He often makes us laugh with his very waggy tail which saw him win the waggiest tail category at the LIN fun day, and when he is feeling very tired he rolls off the bed or sofa onto the floor. He knows when he shout “careful” that he’s approaching danger and he stops, although this once didn’t work and he bumped into the goal post…all was well though after a Mr Bump ice pack and some sudocrem! He can search out a squeaky tennis ball wherever you try and hide it, and won’t give in until he has got it…… and if you move it somewhere else he will happily sit there until you give in. He has his own night time routine, and will only go to sleep after a kiss from us, and when he is snuggled up to Alfie.

Evan’s popularity has surprised us most, we had a lot of supporters of the charity looking for updates on how he was getting on. We are truly a part of the Labradors in Need Family! As a result of Evan’s popularity he has a facebook page that keeps his followers up to date on his adventures with Alfie.

If you would like to follow Alfie and Evan’s adventures visit their page: https://www.facebook.com/evanandalfie/