4 years old

Must be a child, dog and cat free home for this boy please.

We are looking for a calm home for Henry where someone is home most of the time because Henry needs some help.

Henry is fearful. Fearful of strangers, the hoover, bikes, possibly more. He has snapped at the postman who touched his back end (although I would do the same if my postie did that to me 😂). It’s possibly a dislike of men that he has developed within his current home environment. He also has some issues around food, again only with men. These don’t present when he’s out of the house.

So, with all this in mind we are looking for an experienced home who are willing to work with Henry. Very often, in a different environment dogs behave completely differently. He needs to have boundaries in place from the outset but you must be aware of the triggers and work with him to overcome them.

Henry needs to learn to trust you and gain confidence. You must be able to show him that there’s nothing to be scared of. In return, he will be a loyal, loving companion.