Many of you may have seen this photo being circulated of an old lab picked up by the Kettering dog warden; Nicky Higgins brought it to our attention first and so did a few others.

This poor old boy has no name and no one claimed him. He is blind and not in good health. Not only did nicky alert us to him, she offered to assess him and give him the safety of a foster home. She is collecting him today.

Thank you Nicky for opening your heart and home to this poor boy who no one wants when he’s at his most needy. We will make sure he gets what ever medical treatment he needs to be comfortable and Nicky will make sure that he is safe, comfortable and loved.

We don’t know the circumstances of him ending up in kennels and it isn’t our job to speculate or judge, but labs in these situations pull at our hearts strings more than most. We are compelled to help them no matter the time it takes to try and get them safe or the cost once they are in foster.

This is why we so desperately need foster homes willing to drop everything and help when a crisis occurs. Sadly, this won’t be the last lab that finds itself in a cold kennel when it’s aching bones need a warm bed and a safe home filled with love.

At the same time, he won’t be the last lab that we step in to help even if we can’t save them all. They break our hearts but we still fight for their rights to love, warmth, safety and care. With volunteers like Nicky, who are so brave and caring, we can carry on doing all we can to make their twilight time how it should be and what most of us take for granted that our dogs will have.

Thank you Nicky and all our emergency and foster families who have stepped up for us.