Hello everyone im Kes im 9 years young

I’ve been chipped,wormed, had flea treatment and first vaccination given. I will need second jab, which LiN will cover the cost of, as well as spaying to which lin will cover the cost.

I would like a dog free, cat free and small child free home. I dont mind older children so happy to live with them. I need some tweaking in my training but im super super happy to let you teach me the ways.
A household with a good routine would be nice and perhaps someone who isnt out alot but im still happy to be left though.

One thing i do love and need to share with you is effection and nothing more than a good cuddle. I would love to have a special bond again with some one so i feel loved with that security we all crave to have.
I have been brought up with my sister Pip but we dont always get on but i still love her. So since im not going to be with Pip i want to have that one to one with you.
I am a small pocket rocket who loves chasing about with a ball.
Form a queue for who wants to be my new family 😉
If you need to know more Aunty Tracey and Christine can chat with you about me.
I’m currently at my lovely foster families home near York ,so i would be very happy if you can travel to come see me.