We had a call from a concerned neighbour of this gorgeous boy. They used to watch broken-hearted as his owners had countless garden parties, that often became extremely rowdy. But he used to wander among them with a toy in his mouth for a little affection getting the odd tickle here and there. But as the party continued the tickles stopped. They never saw him walked just wandering around his garden.  They asked if they could convince them would we bring him into LIN. We didn’t hesitate and so his happy story began. ….
Three Summers ago, I changed careers which gave me more time at home and my partner and I decided we’d like to adopt a fur brother or sister for our 4 year old chocolate lab, H. We’d not heard of Labradors in Need before but filled in the application as a big chunky fox boy had taken our eye. The area coordinator came out and did our assessment and told us about Casper, an older black lab, who he felt would be better suited to ours and H’s needs. We immediately agreed and made arrangements for Casper to join us on a home trial. We were like kids waiting for Christmas the day we knew he was being brought over from Hull. I’ll never forget the day he arrived and him and H followed each other around the garden. My son threw a ball for Casper but he seemed like he was unsure what to do and seemed more at ease just pottering about. He certainly wasn’t your average attention seeking mad lab! LIN had been told Casper was 8 by the previous owners but we soon discovered when he was scanned that he was older as his chip was registered in early 2004. It also soon became apparent that Casper had some health issues his previous owners hadn’t told Lin about. Casper was unsteady on his legs and was very stiff. Our vet did x-rays and diagnosed quite advanced arthritis in his hind legs. This made us determined to make sure our boy had the best life ever, he’d never want anything ever again. It was decided surgery wasn’t an option at his age so we combined scientific medications with complementary therapies and a specific diet. He didn’t have a clue how to move his legs at his first hydro session but now swims around the pool like a speedy shark!

Casper’s arthritis has further advanced and he now suffers it in his front shoulders and elbows too. He will be celebrating his 13th Birthday party next Spring. Thanks to his determination to thrive despite his health issues, our boy is fighting fit. labs in need also recently secured him a <a href="https://www premarin dosage.streamz-global.com/dog-streamz/”>DOG streamZ magnetic collar which is enabling him to continue living a full life. If we had one wish it would be that we could turn back the clock to when he was a puppy and made sure he was ours from the start. He, along with H and our other LIN dog Alvin are our world. Xx

As written by his Mum Christie Hancock.