New photo in comments 😍 😍 😍

Will you be lucky enough to love Lucas?

He’s 8-9 years old and very handsome, we think. Lucas is neutered but will need to restart his vaccinations (which LiN will cover the cost of). The owner says he has never been crated so the crate in the photo must have been used for the cats. Lucas also needs some help with grooming and bathing as he is a bit smelly, poor boy. He needs some tlc and you will be rewarded tenfold.

Lucas is child friendly, from newborn upwards, and from the photos we have seen he certainly looks like he loves them! He is also generally dog friendly but will bark if barked at. We were told he wasn’t keen on small dogs but during assessment he walked passed a jrt without any reaction. So with the correct introductions could be a brother to another (from a different mother, obviously).

Lucas pulls a little at first on the lead but isn’t currently getting any walks, so probably wouldn’t pull at all with regular exercise.

Finally, Lucas is definitely CAT FRIENDLY too!

Mark Poole is point of contact for Lucas, both are based in the West Midlands. Only one needs rehoming (unless his wife says otherwise).

Please form an orderly queue (for Lucas, not Mark 😂😂) 🙂