Millie 4 yrs old
Needs spaying

Vacs due possibly out of date
Flea/ workers needed
Not chipped
Beautiful affectionate girl
Never on a lead for walks as goes in the fields at the back of the home so lead work needed
Loves cuddles, playtime and full of energy x
Tia- 7yrs old choccy Dalmatian
Beautiful affectionate girl
Needs spaying , chip, wormer, flea and possibly vacs restarts
Loves her snuggle time, cuddles, play and walks well charging about the fields. Now she does have a old injury from a drunk driver . She’s got a plate in her front leg but it don’t stop her belting about the fields.
They are best buddies so I would love them to stay together and we need to really try but if not we will need to part them.
Both will chase cats so cat free home, great with the grandson but not a busy home for them with little kids, ok with other dogs when they do see them.
Ready made family, both super girls, well mannered and obedient x