Just a little bit excited about this news. We have only managed to get Pets Loves Scruffs on board to enable our followers to purchase reduced rate dog beds premarin cream.

As quite a few of you will know if you follow us, we get a fair few oldies coming into LIN, needing rehoming. Some, not all have joint issues. We even get younger dogs with arthritis etc. This often comes with long term medication and vet bills. But our lovely families who adopt these gorgeous Labradors do so without a thought of the money

So, after contacting Pets Love Scruffs and explaining how we as a rescue would love to be able to offer their products at a discounted rate to these families, they were extremely happy to help.

We have included a range of Orthopaedic Beds in our online store.  http://labradorsinneed.co.uk/product-category/beds/

Also, we have reduced joint aid products in the Dogs Health section. Please have a browse.