Night at the Oscar’s? How about winning an Oscar? Now is your chance!

Oscar, aged 4, gorgeous choccy boy.

Currently lives with another dog and an 8 year old child (there’s a parent there too, just in case you wondered 😂), Oscar is a bouncy bundle of fun. He loves other dogs and is super friendly but can be a bit overbearing with his introductions (typical lab). Although he is strong on the lead and is currently walked on a halti, he recalls to ‘here’ and has a good level of obedience. Oscar lives with cats and enjoys a snack from the litter tray 😂

He is neutered but due his booster, so LiN will cover the cost if it hasn’t been done before he comes in. Currently he if he’s being left too long he will chew toys through boredom. He needs a home where there’s either human company or a mix of dog and human company. He is also crate trained.

All round fantastic boy who is in the Blackpool area.If you can offer transport that would be helpful