Hello to our wonderful supporters! Here is a little update for everyone who is following Penny Piddle’s brave journey. The outcome so far is looking good, but she still has a bit of recovery, and post op checks etc. Please keep supporting Penny through her journey. All of us at LIN cannot thank your generosity enough. We are truly humbled by the amount of support and donations we have received already, especially at this time of year. Here is a little message from little Penny herself after her surgery the day before yesterday. The first 2 photos are when she got home last night, and the last photo is this morning, a dry night!!!!!! (Please note we have had permission from Penny’s foster Mum and Dad to post the picture of Penny’s hooman sister.

Hello everypawdy!! I’m home from the long away vet man. I was a good girl on the way home and when I got out of the car I did a big wee wee like what the other doggies do and made my mummy cry.

The long away vet man said my surgery went very well, one ureter was completely detached and larger than he expected, so he had some fiddlies to do but he managed to attach it, and the other one was only partially attached so that was fixed too, and then he moved my bladder to where it should be.

He says there is an 80% chance that I will be fully continent, 20% of partial, but I habs travelled for a long time and my daddy didn’t notice any weewees so he thinks I am fixed!

I habs to be kept quiet for 2-3 weeks. Heehee my mummy and daddy are going to struggle with me because I ran straight to my toy box when I gots in, but they habs moved it so I cried lots at them. Meanies.

My sister has been waiting all day for me to comes home. So she was allowed in my picture. She lubs me lots and lots and was very unhappy when I was away.

I thinks, I heard my mummy and daddy talking about big papers, ones called “adoption” I thinks maybe that means I get to stay here with my family.

Lots and lots of love and thanks yous,


Penny no Piddles