As most of our supporters know we are “supposed” to be a breed specific rescue or the very least have some Labrador in the dog we are helping. However occasionally one comes along that we just cannot say no to whether it be a Staffy cross or a cross Lurcher. When the heartstrings are tugged, we all jump in feet first.

This is what happened when we heard Penny’s Story we just had to help. If Labradors in need didn’t jump in, we feared the worse for Penny. Or shall we say we knew what would happen. You see Penny is a 4-month-old Golden Retriever suffering from ectopic ureters and an intrapelvic bladder. She will need major surgery to correct this condition. Penny came to LIN at 3 months old, and is being cared for by a lovely foster family who adore her. It was soon discovered that Penny had medical issues when urinating. She dribbles urine constantly, which results in dry skin around her genital area and permanent infections. Ultrasound scans revealed that Penny was born with a congenital disorder of intrapelvic bladder and ectopic ureters. The scan also shows a possible enlarged kidney, that could have been caused by the ectopic ureters. At first, we thought there was no hope, but our amazing vets, Vets4Pets Bishops Stortford, contacted the UK’s top veterinary urology surgeon at Nottingham University. He has studied Penny’s scans and vet report. PENNY’S dreams have come true, and he has agreed operate and re-implant at least one, if not both ureters, and reposition the bladder to give our little Penny Piddles the best chance of continence.

We asked Penny’s foster mummy for some words about Penny and how the family are coping with her condition. Here in her own words she explains:

I’m not really a writer, but have been asked to do a blog. It’s a story of a little golden retriever who stole my heart.

On Bonfire night, my long suffering and incredibly kind husband drove to Marlborough, to meet another incredibly kind and utterly lovely lady, who had picked Penny up from a bad situation. We were warned in advance that she leaked urine and was largely incontinent, but I don’t think anyone can quite prepare you for what that really means. In a house that already has an 8 year old daughter, 3 adult dogs and 7 horses to care for. Oh and the usual jobs to pay for it all. She arrived a little cleaner than she had been the day before, but still pretty stinky and infected. I was shocked at the continual smell and quite how far a puppy can travel in a house and on furnishings! You don’t notice until you are running behind with an antibacterial wipe!

She had fleas and worms, so we went straight to vets for treatment, and once started on the antibiotics; the smell was a little less. She has to stay on those permanently now, until her op. But they do help her.

We decided from day one that she would be treated like any other pup, not restricted in her movements. We would take the consequences and work that came with that. She is the happiest, loveliest little pup, with the sweetest and kindest temperament. She takes everything in her stride, and is wise way beyond her years.  All the tablets she has to take, all the wiping, cleaning and creaming she has to have done, and she just patiently lies there and let you do it all. She never complains about anything


Just this morning she jumped on my bed to great me and give me my morning kisses. Hubby had thoughtfully left blankets covering the bed, so we didn’t have to worry about the urine patches that come with that.  Although we hardly notice now, these things become normal. She is normal, bar the sores and urine burns around her back end. She’s the most normal and lovely little pup in the world. Chewing shoes & bedding, playing with her foster brothers & sister, chasing the cat, digging the garden and being told off. You get used to all the washing. That becomes normal. You don’t smell the smell anymore until some poor soul comes to visit. She’s just a normal pup, in a normal house, waiting for her chance to be continent, and that chance is coming! Then we’ll just have to fix the shoe and £20 note eating …..

As told by Kate Hornsby – Penny’s Foster Mum

Penny Piddler’s Christmas wish WILL be fulfilled but if you would like to help this come true sooner please follow the link to our just giving page and make a donation. Even £1.00 could help her dream come true sooner.


Merry Christmas Everyone xxxx