She is LIN’s very own Queen of Sheba, and is in long term foster with one of our very experienced Admin members and his wonderful family.

He was alerted to Kiwi the day before she was due to be put to sleep. Her then owners (who had her from a pup) had to move to a different County, and couldn’t take her with them. They were devastated.

Kiwi was collected and safe in the arms of LIN the very same day that she had the vet appointment booked. Kiwi’s previous owners were overjoyed that they had found a lifeline for her in Labradors In Need. They had tried to re-home her tirelessly without any success. Sadly, the reason it was so hard for them to find a home for her, was due to her being an oldie at the grand old age of 13 years old.

Fast forward one year later. She has lost most of her sight and has arthritis, but she is such a character within her family pack of 6 Labradors.
She sleeps most of the day until she hears the tinkle of her collar. This is when she turns back time and becomes a puppy again. Out walk’s they go at her pace. Not to quick, but as soon as she gets the scent of birds, she is off to investigate.

She loves her cuddles with her fantastic foster family, and will very often snuggle up to the rest of her fur brothers and sisters.
Here’s to many more years of joy for her, because her new family have promised her that they will take her on holiday soon, for her to enjoy the beach & seaside smells.