SAM 2 years old
Sam is a lovely boy who will need castrating and Vaccinations which are paid for by the rescue.



Sam can be strong on the lead as he’s had lack of walks but with the right training and regular walks he will soon learn. He has never lived with cats or other dogs. Sam needs to learn how to be social with other dogs and learn not to play so rough,hes currently in foster with a smaller dog to which he is overbearing and when told off by her he hasn’t learnt when time out is needed ,this is where the social training will come in for him. Consistency and commitment is key for Sam. Sam needs a home where he gets plenty of exercise, on going training for lead walk, and refreshing in basic commands. Because he was left alone a fair bit he will chew but with regular walks we have seen in foster that this improved because he is not bored. Sam deserves to have some love,  s cat free, dog free and little children free home is needed for Sam.
Please don’t read this and think oh boy hes going to be hard work, Sam needs a few tweaks and will make a fantastic family dog. Hes a loving boy who love his long walks,play time and water.