Spot is 2 in june

Spot is neutered and vaccinated but needs worming and flea treatment. He lives with another lab and a cat, as well as children aged 7 and 9.

Spot does pull on the lead and has some basic obedience but needs dedicated training. He’s under stimulated in his current home and we are told he will chew when left, which may be due to boredom as there are no toys to keep him occupied. He isn’t crate trained but we would recommend this if he needs to be left.

Our assessor was not able to observe him on a walk but the current owners say he is excitable towards other dogs and it points towards him needing controlled socialisation and learning his manners (I know people like this πŸ˜‚)

There’s a bit of a question mark regarding food aggression. Apparently he can display food aggression when unsupervised, but if they’re unsupervised then it’s not clear what happens or who starts it. It’s something that needs to be flagged up (although if I left mine unsupervised at meal times it would probably cause a riot).

Spot is in the Hastings area. We are very short of volunteers in the South so any offers of transport from interested families would make life easier. .