Born 10/03/2012
5yr old sisters
Labrador x english springer spaniel

Luna is brown and Tess black, both with white blazes.
Both are spayed,chipped,up to date with vacs,flea and wormers.

Luna is a bit of a loner and an escape artist and her sister is a cuddle monster. Tess doesn’t like dogs sniffing round her bum and she will tell other dogs off who do it. However, this isn’t aggression (although it would be if I was Tess haha). Both are dog friendly.

Both girls are very clever and have completed their good citizen classes, Luna completed gold and Tess silver. They have good recall, will sit, stay and wait on command. Luna is very good at catching the wildlife, Tess not so much.

Both are crate trained. Tess has to be crated in the car as she gets destructive and will remodel your upholstery. Luna travels well.
No cats, older kids would be better as they are bouncy springy bums!
Dog friendly. Would benefit from an active home.

We have a very tight deadline to help these girls, who due to a family crisis need a new home. They are very much loved and deserve someone who will continue to love them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]