We desperately need to find an understanding home for Bella in the next couple of days. Sadly, she is very unsettled from all the upheavals she has had since September when she was first put in kennels before her owner died.

The gentleman that has her cannot cope with her defensive behaviour while out walking and wants her moved ASAP. Therefore, we need an experienced home without cats, dogs and children that can work with her. She is perfect within the home but cannot deal with busy parks with people and other dogs.

We would suggest that whoever is prepared to take her on needs to work on building trust with her before tackling walks.

It is very important that you understand what Bella needs, so everyone who expresses an interest will be phoned to discuss her. We cannot afford, for Bella’s sake, to get this wrong.

We are called Labradors in Need for that very reason and Bella is absolutely in need of our urgent help.