A coordinator is probably one of the most important roles in our rescue. The coordinator is vital for helping to find fosterers, home checkers, and transporters in their area. They are the first contact for volunteers. They look after and do follow up checks on foster families and home checks. This role is ideal for people who have fostered in the past and understand how everything works and would like a challenge.

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Foster Carers

Fostering requires looking after a dog as if it were your own, whilst trying not to fall in love with it, for as long as it takes to find a home. This can be a few days or a few weeks. Please think carefully before volunteering to become a fosterer, it’s hard giving them up. We have thorough assessments of the dogs before coming into the rescue, and match them with the correct foster family. This is decided totally by the nature and behaviour of the dog, and the foster family’s experience.

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Home Checkers

Making sure the right dog goes into the right home. We don’t just throw you in. You will be shadowed by another home checker with experience or the coordinator. If you would like to help in your area please fill in an application form to help and we will get a coordinator to contact you. Please be patient we are building up coordinators gradually and may not have one available at first, but someone will contact you.

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We are always on the lookout for fundraisers to help raise funds for the rescue. This goes towards vet fees, transport, and various other expenses the rescue pays. Maybe you could help at a local event or organise your own. Maybe you have craft skills and can make items to sell to raise funds. Or even in your spare time at home send some emails asking for donations for raffles, auctions etc. If you would like to help with fundraising, however small or large, please fill in an application form.

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Transport is the next vital link once a dog has been secured a foster place. This needs to be done quickly as often the decision to give up a family pet is traumatic enough without it taking a long time to acquire the dog. Also as we also rescue from kennels, this can be a matter of urgency! Without the transport a foster place is worthless! The dog can still be put to sleep if we can’t move quickly.

Labradors In Need tries to keep journeys as short as possible and sometimes use a convoy of Transporters to get to the final destination. Please if you have a few hours to spare and a clean driving licence.

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Dog Assessments

Dog Assessors will visit dogs that are being relinquished to Labradors In Need to make an initial assessment which will allow us to place them in the correct foster home. It is important that we get this right, so breed knowledge is desirable but experience with medium and large breed dogs is essential. Again, full training and support will be provided.

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