Hello everyone, welcome to LIN’s new improved website. We are all so excited with the improvements, and look forward to your feedback.
Whether you are a newbie or a returning visitor, please do not leave without joining the mailing list so you can get notifications direct to your email. This way you will see the happy-endings as they happen, and keep up to date with the dogs looking for their forever homes. Along with any special offers we have in our new online store. You never know, you might even get a special discount voucher now and again.
This leads us nicely onto – Why buy from LIN?
Our products are top quality; we purchase from the same retailers as the major pet stores. But, and it’s a massive but, by purchasing from us you are helping Labradors In Need maintain doing what we do best, and that is rehoming the nation’s favourite breed.
When buying from LIN, every £ of profit goes back into the rescue, not lining some large corporate company’s pockets. One such company announced that in a 52-week period in 2015, its profit before tax was 92 million and it was running at an average 54% profit margin. Just imagine what we could do with 1% of that. Our own fully trained team to help rehabilitate maybe? Alternatively, what about our own hydrotherapy pool to help the dogs that come in with joint conditions & of course the oldies? Better still what about Suzanne Pickering’s dream of our own rehoming centre like Battersea, that way we could help all those that we currently don’t have the facilities to help click to investigate.
You lovely people could help us achieve our dream by buying from our store. It is only a fraction of what we intend it to be, and we will be adding to it regularly.
So with that said, happy browsing, and tell all your friends if they are buying for their dog, large or small to shop the LIN way.