Form an orderly queue! This beautiful Barney boy is looking for an active home with plenty of stimulation or he will chew through your furniture 😂

Barney is 2 years old and up to date with everything. He is pending assessment so at this stage the information we have is based on what the owner has told us.

We are told that he walks nicely on the lead and has fantastic recall. He’s never lived with cats and is mildly curious but generally ignores them.

The owner has a new baby and Barney’s needs aren’t being met. At times he is left up to 9 hours and this is when the chewing has started. They realise that this isn’t fair, hence asking us to help him find a new home.

Once assessed, the information will be updated and amended where needed.

He’s currently in the Harrogate area and his minimum adoption donation is £200.