I was going to attempt a bit of rapping, to go with this one but I wouldn’t live it down 😂

This is Buster (Rhymes) and he was 1 in September. He’s a lab x lurcher that needs to be rehomed due to a change in family circumstances. This is a very reluctant rehome but they are unable to meet his needs.

Buster is a lovely boy, he loves the child he lives with who he does sit, paw and high 5 for, so a family with children would work well for him. While he is friendly and playful with bigger breeds, he’s less keen on small dogs and not suitable to be homed with cats as he has a high chase drive.

Although Buster was doing well with recall training, this fell by the wayside due to owner’s injury, so will need to go back to basics. He does love swimming though! Currently he is being left three long days a week and will chew, but the owners know this is too long for him. He also pulls like Hogwarts Express!

Buster is in the Newcastle area. His minimum adoption donation is £170