Who’s this pretty girl?

Caley is a 7 year old chocolate lab. She has good general obedience and is super friendly with visitors to her home, enjoying the attention she gets by bringing a toy and snuggling up. She is spayed and up to date with everything.

Currently, she lives with two kids aged 1 & 4 but is the only dog. When assessed she wasn’t observed on a walk. The owner tells us that she will bark at dogs when she’s on lead but is fine when off lead. For this reason, we would want any interested families with a dog to be willing to have a meet and greet with Caley first.

Caley can be left for short periods without any problems but she is a 💩 muncher 😂 (at least if she has an accident she will clear it up for you…)

She’s currently in Dereham, Norfolk, and her minimum adoption donation is £170.