Calling all white chocolate lovers!
Please meet Dexter, who is as bouncy as Tigger on amphetamines 😂 Just turned 1 year old in May, this baby needs a home where he can be taken back to basics and taught everything. He jumps up, counter surfs, chews if left uncrated, mouths and is generally a young, excitable, energetic hooligan!

He will need vaccinating and neutering, which LiN will cover the cost of. Otherwise, he’s a healthy young lab with a zest for life.

Dexter currently lives with a three year old boy who play fights with him, but as Dexter has grown and become more boisterous his owner is concerned.

What does Dexter need? Training and lots of it. He needs better exercise and stimulation but his owner cannot meet his needs and he is having extended periods in a crate. He doesn’t really have any recall as he hasn’t been off lead for a few months. He pulls hard and will bark at dogs in excitement. He hasn’t lived with cats.

Dexter’s minimum adoption donation is £200 and he’s currently in Cheshire.

Please be absolutely 100% sure you can cope with Dexter before applying because the last thing he needs is to be passed from pillar to post. When we say he is high energy, it means exactly that! He’s not going to improve unless you make a long term commitment to training him and putting a routine and boundaries in place.