This lovely lab cross may be 10, but she’s not ready for retirement yet! Gemma is fit and healthy, loves playing ball and having a human with her at all times. She is the perfect companion for someone who is actively retired as she doesn’t like being left very long!

We have been asked to help her as the owner has two young grandchildren who she is not comfortable being approached by. So she needs a toddler free home or to be kept separate from visiting little ones.

Gemma isn’t dog friendly because she hasn’t ever been socialised (she was with an elderly couple before the current owner and they never walked her). She hasn’t had any recall training either. You can work with this and improve the behaviour with time, training and patience. As with any dog, but more particularly so with a rescue, you get out what you put in.

She is up to date with everything and is currently in Wales. We don’t have long to find her the right home that understands her needs, but hope that there is someone willing to take her on. She is a true definition of a rescue dog, who needs someone who understands that rescues may not be perfect but are bloody rewarding.

We are asking a minimum adoption donation of £100. If you would like an informal chat about her with no commitment, please drop us a message.