Prepare to fall in love, as we all have! ♥

Kayla is a 9 year old lab x spaniel (probably cocker) and is an absolute sweetheart. She was handed in to the vets two weeks ago and despite attempts to trace her owners, they haven’t been found but the vets have been looking after her.

As a 24 hour vets, at night she beds down with the duty vet and shares the bed, wanders around and helps herself to cuddles. She is beautifully calm, extremely friendly and very affectionate.

As you will see from the video, she’s fab with other dogs but she hasn’t been rug rat tested and we feel a nice calm home and warm sofa would suit her very much.

We don’t know if she has been spayed but we will cover the cost if it needs doing. She is in good health and has been a bit too well fed or not exercised, but she must have been well loved by someone.

So, who deserves this snuggle monster?

She’s currently in the Romford, Essex, area and her minimum adoption donation is £140.