Weeeee’ll drink, a drink, a drink, to lily the pink, the pink, the pink 🎶 (I played that on the guitar when I was 7 but I wasn’t much good as I was forced to learn right handed. Stupid song anyway 😂)

Are you ready for this pair? They MUST stay together so please don’t ask for one or the other. They have now been assessed and are a gorgeous pair of fit and active girls.

Lily is a 10 year old gorgeous white chocolate lab. Her sister is Nell and she’s a 5 year old fox red labradoodle. Both are fantastic on and off lead and are up to date with everything but only Nell is spayed. Lily had a season in January and upon vets advice, LiN will cover the cost of her spaying. They are also great with kids who visit and are calm around people after the initial friendly greeting.

They’re fine to be left and not destructive, however due to a bereavement they are being left far too long. This is a very sad rehome as they are very much loved.

Nell and lily are in the Leeds area. Their minimum adoption fee is £250. If you would like to meet them, this can be arranged too.