Remember our sweet little long term foster Mary? Here’s an update on her from her foster mum Tracy Grayson:

“Mary went to the vets for a check up and injection on Friday. They were very happy with her, think she’s a lovely girl. She’s settled in really well with the other two. She loves her bed, likes to play in the garden and go for walks….for such a little thing she pulls on the lead when she’s excited.

She lines up for her tablet on a morning with the other 2 then looks up at the ‘sweet’ cupboard….hasn’t taken her long to work that one out!!! She loves her food and has put a kg on which the vet is happy with. Emma isn’t as fussy with her food now Mary is about 😂.

She’s a very special little girl, love her to bits. She is part of the family and she looks like she is enjoying living with us”.

So four weeks of love, care and attention has turned Mary from a hobbling, sad oldie dumped on the streets to a happy, bright eyed oldie with a new lease of life and a loving forever home. This makes me so proud to be part of an amazing rescue that always puts the dogs at the heart of everything.

We love you Mary, you sweet little girl, and thanks to everyone who has helped towards getting Mary where she is now. Some might say ‘is it worth it for a old dog?’. The answer is in the photo…