Meet Mary we will be focusing our fundraising this month to help her 💕💕

Many of the Labradors we help are due to a change in circumstances within the family, such as work patterns changing or relationship break ups, but there are cases that absolutely tug on our heart strings and have us racing against time to help. Mary is one such dog.

On the afternoon of 29th August we were tipped off that there was an elderly labrador in kennels who was ‘serving’ her mandatory seven days. Her release date was 31st August and judging from the photo we saw, she looked in desperate need of a safe, warm bed to call her own.

We were determined that she wouldn’t spend any more time in kennels than she had to, but it’s never easy finding emergency foster even for the fit youngsters. Fate was smiling on us that day when we made the call to a newly checked man who cut off the conversation with ‘enough of the sob story, go fetch her here’.

Cath Mace, one of our amazing volunteers in Yorkshire, offered to collect and transport after work but the kennels closed sharply and it wasn’t possible. Luckily, Laura and Sophie were able to move things around and collected Mary. We call her Mary but no one knows her name. She was abandoned and picked up by the dog warden. From a quick once over, the girls saw that her dew claw was growing back into her leg. She was in a very sorry state and it brought a tear to all of us.

Mary’s foster dad superhero drove up to meet the girls and took her back. The next thing we knew, he had her booked in an the vets the same day. What a wonderful man! Giving her the once over, the vet agreed she is very elderly (somewhere between 12-15 years old) but found that her heart was strong. After clipping back her dew claw and trimming her toes, he checked her teeth and found that she urgently needs extensive dental work.This has been booked in for next week and will be done under anaesthetic.

After the vets, Mary went home with her foster dad who slept on the chair all night to make sure she was OK. She has extensive muscle wastage to her rear end that needs to be built up and she had an unsettled tummy causing a couple of accidents. This didn’t phase her wonderful foster dad who has pledged to care for her as long as she needs him.

As I’m sure you all know, dental work is not cheap but Mary is strong and will enjoy a much better quality of life afterwards. This may be end of life care but we will make sure it’s the best care we can give her. Mary joins our long term fosters and we will be turning our fundraising efforts towards raising money for her vet treatment, dental surgery and anything else that she needs to ensure she is comfortable, warm, safe, content and loved.