Maxine is a beautiful 9 year old girl who had a troubled start to life as a puppy farm machine. Not surprisingly, she finds it difficult to trust humans but she has a heart of gold, and with the right approach, she will overcome her insecurities. Are you the special ones that will win her over?

We are looking for a home for Maxine where someone is around most of the time. She needs lots of positive interactions with people to build her confidence. Currently, she will bark and air snap at strangers but this is NOT aggression, its defensive behaviour. She barked like this at our assessor, who made no eye contact and ignored her, letting Maxine approach her when ready for a treat. Once she had done this, maxine was a sweet, gentle and affectionate girl.

Maxine has been spayed but needs her vaccinations restarting, flea and worm treatment, which LiN will cover the cost of. She also has Atopy, a skin condition from allergies, and is on a hypoallergenic diet. This can cause ear infections maybe once a year and she takes medication when having a flare up. She suffers with itchy paws and eyes especially in Spring. She has had her tail docked because she kept splitting the end of it (happy tail).

On lead, she does pull at first and she will pull towards other dogs to say hello. She knows sit and wait, and offers her paw at meal times. She barks at anyone at the door (perfect burglar alarm 😂). She can be excitable and a little boisterous but that is probably down to the fact that she isn’t currently being walked.

We believe that Maxine would benefit from a calm household where she has company. She currently lives with another dog so can be rehomed to a family with another dog, but a calm and steady role model would be needed. She isn’t cat tested. Maxine is fine with visiting children but living with children may not be a suitable environment for her with her fearfulness.

Maxine dislikes men (she has a point 😂) but WILL learn to trust those who are regular faces in her life. You need to be fully committed to helping her gain confidence with people, which I know many of you will be. In return, she will give you love, loyalty and companionship.

She is currently in the Halesowen area of West Midlands. Her minimum adoption donation is £170.