In line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we take protecting your personal information seriously:

*All our forms have privacy notices that clearly explains why we ask for the data and how the information is used.

*We tell you who we will share your information with and the reasons for sharing.

*We store your personal information within password protected email systems, on password protected memory sticks and hard copy in a locked filing cabinet.

*When sharing your personal information, we do so through secure channels and our volunteers only retain your information for the purpose in which it was given. As soon as it is no longer needed, volunteers are responsible for deleting it immediately.

*We keep your personal information on file only where we have permission or a legal obligation to do so.

*Records relating to dogs that we have rehomed are retained for the lifetime of the dog for the purposes of his/ her welfare. This is a legitimate reason based on our work as a rescue.

*Records relating to general volunteers are kept on file and reviewed every two years, whereupon we will ask volunteers to reconfirm that they are happy for us to retain their information.

*Records relating to trustees and administrators are held for as long as the individuals are in the role.

Deletion of Records

*At any time, you can request that your personal information is removed from our files. We may, in some cases, need to retain surnames and partial postcodes for the purposes of dogs’ records and vet history. All other identifying information will be removed.

*If there is a legal obligation for us to retain your personal details, we will explain to you what the legal obligation is and why we cannot delete the records.

*We will keep a suppression list consisting of surname, partial post code and dog’s name (if relevant) of all those who have requested that their personal information is deleted.

Your Right to Know What Information We Hold and Request that Incorrect Information is Rectified

*You have the right to request from us a copy of the information we hold on you free of charge. Further copies of the same information can incur an administration fee.

*We will respond to your request within one month of receipt, unless the request is complex in which case we will inform you within one month and provide the information within two months.

*You have the right to have any personal information that we hold rectified if it is incorrect or inaccurate. This does not apply to information provided to us for other reasons, for example home check assessments whereby the home checker gives an opinion on suitability based on observations.

*We will respond to your request within one month.