Look at this girl!
Sweet Sasha is 9 in June and an absolute gem. She’s super friendly and affection, very content and loves people. She would be a superb companion and she’s also good with children, although she doesn’t live with them.

On lead, Sasha walks nicely without pulling and her general obedience is very good. She’s fab off lead and stays close. She does need to shed a few pounds so will need her exercise gradually increasing (I know the feeling 😂).

Sasha has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and is on insulin. She has to have injections 12 hours apart after food. She also has a very sensitive tummy and can’t tolerate high protein. Her last season was in February and we will cover the cost of spaying on vets advice. The current cost of her injections is £130 per month. She’s on the highest dose but this can hopefully be reduced with changes in diet and exercise. Also, insulin can be bought from some chemists with a prescription from your vet. This may reduce the overall cost.

So if you are looking for a laid back, calm, well mannered, good natured, super friendly, perfect companion, then Sasha is all this!

She’s in the Doncaster area and her adoption fee is £140.