Tyler is a handsome 8 year old Lab/Gsd who is desperately looking for an experienced new owner. He is currently in foster but needs to find a home that has knowledge and understanding of his daily needs as soon as possible.

At home, Tyler is a gentle calm laid back boy who appreciates attention and cuddles. However, outside the home when on lead he is vigilant and aware of strangers. He has a powerful intimidating bark that has the ability to make him look unfriendly and unapproachable but he hasn’t shown any aggression to people. We feel that Tyler is lead reactive because he adopts a protective role, as is instinctive to gsd, but with a firm handler this can be trained out. He needs someone to correct and redirect this behaviour. He needs to be taught that he doesn’t need to protect his owner. When off lead, Tyler ignores other dogs and has excellent recall. He loves playing ball and carrying a toy on walks. He also enjoys a swim.

He is a strong boy with a very strong pull and it would be near impossible to have him off lead at every walk so an alternative walking aid will be an advantage. He is not cat friendly and we are looking for a dog and child free home for him, as he isn’t very good at sharing his humans at home with other dogs. He will make a loyal and loving companion for someone prepared to work on controlled socialisation on lead and train out the unwanted behaviours.

He is currently in West Kirby (Liverpool way) and his minimum adoption donation is £140.

We welcome anyone who wants to talk anything over about Tyler to contact the website or visit our facebook pages