Double the trouble…. Double the food bill… Double the vet costs….. Double the garden clean up…..

Double the love

A little over 18 months ago as a family we decided the time was right to think about getting a dog again. I sadly lost my last one 7 years ago and missed having a set of large 4 paws around and the girls had been hassling us to have one…. Little did I know then it would actually be 8 paws that would soon be arriving…..

Having a bonded pair wasn’t something we had even thought about until I saw Willow and Buddy on the facebook page and fell in love. I didn’t tell anyone I had expressed an interest in them until I got the call…. Then decided ok, it’s now time to tell the family that not only had we been lucky enough to be selected but that we had been selected for this pair. The shock on their faces was worth it (and it was a good shock).

Suddenly it was all go, we got the phone call on the Sunday afternoon and very quickly it was arranged for them to arrive the following Friday (thanks to a lot of hard work from LIN), which happened to be Good Friday – the girls got their best Easter present yet!!! We didn’t tell the girls, they thought I was out for a day with a friend. Until they saw the dogs in the back garden…. Happy tears flowed when they realized the puppies had arrived.

Then the hard work started… And it was hard work, and it still continues to be hard work. But when that love is unconditional the ‘hard’ in hard work goes out the window.

Everyone thought we were mad when I said we were getting two, apart from one who told me ‘Well if you are having one you might as well have another, the work is no different’. And very true words they are. Walks still have to be done, food still has to be fed, training has to be given, and play has to happen…. But the rewards are double.

We’ve worked hard with these two, as with any rehome you have to be aware that the dog is confused, they’ve been uprooted and moved around, in some cases, like ours, more than once, they don’t know where home is, but once it clicks with them this is their forever home again that unconditional love and trust shines through. The cuddles we get, the greet when we walk through the door, the fun and laughter both have brought – We wouldn’t turn back time and do it any differently.

I’m not sure however the cats agree….. Tilly now thinks she is a dog and Ninja is not a Ninja anymore but more a whinger…… But they have all settled well and 18 months later we see the sly kisses between the 4 of them. The cuddles at the bottom of the stairs… One morning we came down the stairs to a very unresponsive Ninja, we thought he was having a lazy morning until we let willow out. She then let us know very quickly all was not ok… ninja had heart failure… I didn’t know this at the time until I rushed him to the vets but without willow it was very likely he wouldn’t have survived… (she barked and barked at us and then lay down nose to nose with ninja and barked at him to get up and did this repeatedly until I boxed him up and took him off), he will always have heart failure and is on tablets for life but that day I believe willow assisted in maintaining his lifespan – and they say dogs and cats hate each other…

So what does it mean to have a bonded pair…..? Yes double the trouble but double the love, double the laughter, double the cuddles, double everything these beautiful animals can give you. Don’t rule out a bonded pair because you think it will be hard work – a dog is hard work full stop, why not add another to the mix…. it can be easier than you think.

I am forever hearing ‘Let’s get a dog she said, it will be a good idea she said….’ Before dissolving into laughter at something one of them has done.

Would we do it again if we needed to – in a flash we would.

Written by Buddy & Willow’s Mum Sarah Peel