Today Aggie had an ecg done at Pride Veterinary Hospital in Derby. Unfortunately, her condition is now severe and she is at risk of heart failure. She has been prescribed beta blockers to slow down her heart rate but she now needs to have surgery.

She is being referred to another specialist for this to be carried out. Aggie’s condition is already life limiting but without the surgery to help widen the valve, her life expectancy is considerably reduced with heart failure expected.

The vet bill for today was £1,300 and we are enormously grateful to all of you who have donated already. The surgery she needs is estimated to be about £4,000 and we feel she is worth every penny. Therefore, over the coming weeks we will be holding fundraisers to do all we can to ensure Aggie is given the best chance possible.

She is the most amazing puppy, full of character and courage, as well as mischief and mayhem, and she just loves everyone she meets. We all love her too and hope that you can help us in any small way to help her.